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"Make sure you book someone who does great work; but just as importantly - make sure you book someone you enjoy being around."

When I started my video business, I knew I wanted to be different from other videographers... and in more than one way. The process of capturing a video and retelling a moment can be done in so many different fashions.


My approach is to create chemistry with my clients early in the process, so we can go through the rest of the journey as friends. How do I accomplish this? Well it's really simple - The Engagement Session. Once you are comfortable with me in your space and you can be yourself, you will certainly be getting the most out of your wedding experience, and I will capture it in the most effective way.


A videographer or a photographer is someone who will be by your side NEARLY THE ENTIRE DAY of your wedding... Make sure you book someone who does great work; but just as importantly - make sure you book someone you enjoy being around.

Let's start off by getting comfortable with your Save the Date video.
Engagement sessions are key in us getting to know one another.


"My goal is to capture, enahnce, and replay your memories in a real way."
The short film chronicles your entire wedding day in a way all your friends and family can enjoy.

If you have seen one of my short films... you have no idea what to expect from others. While my friendly shooting style is consistently casual, personable and non-obtrusive, YOU are the one writing the script. I encourage you be yourself and enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. My goal is to capture, enahnce, and replay your memories in a real way.


I tend to use a series of long range, medium range, and low light lenses so I can capture you being you, in whatever situation. I don't use artificial light unless there is no light at all.


Editing is just as important as shooting. It's where we tighten, trim and polish the story. I have a positive, upbeat style of editing. I search for appropriate songs with a full story arc to complement your footage. Music which will make your edit move and connect to viewers.


I want to hear about your vision for your wedding video! These short films are meant to be fun and exciting. Not only will you want to share these memories with your friends and family now, but you wil want to enjoy and share them with your children in the future.


David A. Selby

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