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David Selby

Owner of Selby Films

Enjoy some recent photos of the team and I!

Some background on me - I've always had a great passion for entertainment and storytelling. I'm from a big family of seven, packed full of different personalities. My four siblings and I are the crazy offspring of an attorney and a ventriloquist. Raised in Southwest Missouri, I love the MidWest and will raise my kiddos here; but we do love to travel!


In my education years, I studied film production in Santa Fe, New Mexico and returned to Springfield, MO in 2011. This is when I found my niche in weddings and I created Selby Films. I have since had homes in Kansas City, found my life love (Miranda, who just so happened to be a veteran photographer), and have added our little girl, Stevie, and our little boy, Samson! Finally, we live in Nevada, MO where we provide photo and video services throughout the entire Midwest and travel as often as possible.

We believe each client is different and every project is special. We value both photography and videography in many ways. We make films with a full story arc and a professional, cinematic look, while we take a very laid-back and personal approach to photography. We focus on creating early chemistry with clients so you won’t feel uncomfortable in front of the camera on your big day. Eliminating awkwardness and fear early allows us to capture the most genuine moments in the most comfortable environment. Furthermore, we love making friends with our clients. We stay in touch with many of them once we have finished their wedding journey and move into the next chapters of their lives.

It blows my mind we can make a living doing what we love. We enjoy this profession and try to positively enhance every event we attend. If you have seen our videos or photos and think this approach is what you’re looking for, contact us and let’s talk!

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Nevada, MO 64772


David A. Selby

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