Videography Packages

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1 Cinematographer 5-6 hours.

Interviews with Bride & Groom.

2 cameras during ceremony.

- Final video includes interviews, full ceremony, reception entrance, toasts, cake cutting, first dance, mother/son, father/daughter, bouquet/garter,

and interviews with parents, totalling anywhere from 50minutes to an 1 1/2 hours for longer ceremonies.



- 1 Video (FAQs)

The BASIC Package is a longer, traditional video, covering all your ceremony, formalities and interviews.


The limited amount of montage in this sample is common in all extended edits.


The Cinematic Package includes the cinematic short film and the full video.

- Full Basic Video (above)
1 Cinematographer up to 8 hours.

Interviews with Bride & Groom.

2 cameras during ceremony.

- Cinematic Short Film posted online

and provided as an HD download.

(approx. 5-6 min).


- 2 Videos (FAQs)

This package will nearly max out what one videographer can do for your wedding day.
Ask about saving when bundling


By adding the second shooter, we have an additional camera operating the whole day and it essentially doubles the footage we capture.


- 2 Videos (FAQs)

2 Cinematographers Full Day Coverage. One camera

with each the bride and the groom.

3 cameras during ceremony.

- Extended Cinematic edit with full ceremony and all formalities.

- Cinematic Short Film edit posted online (4-6 min).

Interviews with Parents.

Delivered as an HD file.

This adds a camera accross from the groom's face during the ceremony and guarantees we capture his reaction when you come down the aisle.


Engagement "Save the Date" or "Thank You" videos are a great way for us to break the ice.


- 1 Video (MORE)

1 Videographer for 90 minutes.

Interviews with the Bride & Groom-to-be,

OR covering an engagement session with your photographer.

3 minute video with your dialogue and footage edited with music.


These can be used invite your guests to the wedding, or you can use it to thank them at your reception.


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