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Photography Packages

Please inquire for prices, as pricing is subject to change, especially based on date demand. Discounts for out-of-season events.

The engagement session is one of the most important things we can do to ensure your wedding day is a complete success. The time we spend together at this session allows us break the ice, develop a relationship between you, the camera and myself, and it gives you an idea of what to expect from me as a photographer. Along with giving you a great product, my goal at the session is to get you PUMPED for photos on your wedding day.


You will learn a lot about me and I will learn a lot about you. A photographer is someone who will be by your side NEARLY THE ENTIRE DAY of your wedding. Make sure you book someone who does great work; but just as importantly - make sure you book someone you like being around. As a photographer, I understand I will be piloting the itinerary for your big day. I must be a real presence if I am going to move the agenda. This session will put your mind at ease about the wedding day.


Expect to get about 20-30 photos for your onine album (watermarked), and an additional 20-40 when I send you all the high resolution files (not watermarked). These will be print-ready, as I DO allow my clients to print the photos I take for them. Upon payment and signing of the service agreement, and as long as it isn't for commercial purposes, you will have a print release allowing you to utilize even the most simple places to print, including Wal-Mart!

Engagement Sessions

The Wedding Day

Full Day Coverage
Ben & Rachael Teasers for SHARING-51
Ben & Rachael Teasers for SHARING-69
Quinton & Andi Teasers Sharing-84
Cody & Danyel - Teasers for Sharing-183.
Bryce & Jamie - Teasers for Sharing-94
Bryce & Jamie - Teasers for Sharing-174.
Phillip & Tori - Wedding Teasers Sharing
Nathan & Kayla Teasers WM-95
Caleb & Brittany - Wedding Album-297
Al & Jess - Dance Teaser
Adam & Julia - Teasers for Sharing-105
Tyler & Katlynn Faves Sharing-58
John & Amanda Dwyer Faves-7
John & Amanda Dwyer Faves-126
Josh & Courtney Faves for Sharing A-64
Logan & Amber Teasers-45
John & Amanda Dwyer Faves-30
Josh & Amanda Faves Sharing-76
Josh & Amanda Faves Sharing-12
Josh & Courtney Faves for Sharing B-36
selby films wedding photos
John & Amanda Dwyer Faves-100
Selby Films Wedding Photos
Justin & Erin Wedding B-13
Josh & Courtney Faves for Sharing B-16
Josh & Amanda Faves Sharing-129
Josh & Courtney Faves for Sharing B-25
Josh & Courtney Faves for Sharing B-7
Selby Films Wedding Photos
Selby Films Wedding Photos
Selby Films Wedding Photos
Selby Films Wedding Photos
Selby Films Wedding Photos
Selby Films Wedding Photg FB album-5
Selby Films Wedding Photos
Pete & Megan Wedding a-4

The wedding day is what it's all about. This is going to be a fun, amazing day everyone in attendance should remember! By this time we will have built a solid itinerary with you and we will be ready to rock the day.


With this package, I will arrive during hair and makeup and I will be there at least through your final formality (bouquet & garter OR your big exit with sparklers, bubbles, bird seed, etc.). You've got me for the day, and I will not bother for overtime pay.

After the wedding, I'll share a teaser album consisting of my favorite edited photos from the wedding day. Your final album will be delivered in an online gallery for you to download, print, and share. You can expect around 500+ edited photos, depending on how long the wedding day was and how many photos we actually snapped! If it's a good exposure, I will likely send it your way. Just as we do with the engagement photos, you are allowed to print these photos for all your personal uses!


Second shooter for the wedding day is an additional fee.

Freestyle Photo Booth

Full Reception - Up to 4 Hours

If you have already booked a second shooter for photography on the wedding day, the photo booth comes discounted.

While some photo booths cram you into a small box and give you a tiny printout to lose, the FreeStyle Photo Booth offers freedom, variety, and a much better product! We provide basic props, and you are welcome to bring any additional props or signage you desire. The photos taken at the photo booth will be edited and delivered in high resolution as an online gallery. These are awesome for printing, scrapbooking, holiday cards, or just good old blackmail!

We highly encourage adding as much flare to the photo booth as you like!

Garrett  Jacquelyn Freestyle Photo Booth
Hiestand Wedding Album E-6951
Chris & Alexis Wedding-733
Garrett  Jacquelyn Freestyle Photo Booth
Hiestand Wedding Album E-6947
Garrett  Jacquelyn Freestyle Photo Booth
Chris & Alexis Wedding-699
Garrett  Jacquelyn Freestyle Photo Booth
Hiestand Wedding Album E-6970
Chris & Alexis Wedding-697
Garrett  Jacquelyn Freestyle Photo Booth
Hiestand Wedding Album E-6978
Garrett  Jacquelyn Freestyle Photo Booth
Chris & Alexis Wedding-712
Chris & Alexis Wedding-696
Chris & Alexis Wedding-732
Hiestand Wedding Album E-6935


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