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"If you are planning a wedding, we know you have a lot of questions. The goal of this website is to answer those questions and give you an idea of who we are and what we do.

-David & Miranda Selby-

Bella  Beau Teasers Printing-48
Ben  Rachael Teasers for PRINTING-11
Austin  Keli Engagement for Printing-94.
Alex  Kaitlyn Faves for Printing-55
Jacquelyn & Garrett Teasers WM-2
Keith & Becca Faves for sharing-63
Quinton & Andi Teasers Sharing-105
Justin & Erin - Faves for Sharing-66
Matt & Ashley - Faves-6
Mikalee & Preston Maternity More Sharing
Al & Jess - Teasers for Sharing-204
Erin & Landon - Engagement Sharing-44
Mitch & Rachel - Teasers for Sharing-75.
Keith & Becca Faves for sharing-38
Caleb & Brittany - Wedding Album-295
Baby Leighton For Sharing-20
Bryce & Jamie - Engagement Faves-25
Bryce & Jamie - Teasers for Sharing-41
Josh & Amanda Faves Sharing-137
Chelsea & Cam - Engagement Faves-40
Francque & Tim Faves WM
Bella & Beau Engagement Sharing-69
Tori & Phillip - Engagement-23
Chelsea & Cam - Engagement Faves-13
Josh & Courtney Faves for Sharing A-61
Josh & Courtney Faves for Sharing B-10
Keith & Becca Faves for sharing-79
Fall Family Photos 2016-8
Tyler & Katlynn Faves Sharing-89
Tyler & Katlynn Faves Sharing-14
Matt & Ashley - Teaser
Logan & Amber Teasers-35
Keith & Becca Faves for sharing-107
Keith & Becca Faves for sharing-94
Fall Family Photos 2016-40
Matt & Ashley - Faves-92
Justin & Erin - Faves for Sharing-30
Moorman Wedding A-250
Dirks Family Photos 2016-10


Check out Paul & Kylie's short film from their wedding in Missouri.

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If you're searching for our work with Western events and the chuckwagon races, please visit our site, The Chuckwagon Channel.


David A. Selby

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612 Carriage Ct

Nevada, MO 64772

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